Trending Alert: Sequins and Metallics

Fashion trending news: sequins and metallics are not just for Christmas! (although they still reign queen at the festive party!) The spring collections at New York, Paris, London and Milan Fashion Weeks were full of lines that included sequins and metallics. As soon as the shows closed we started seeing the dazzle of these fabulous fabrics on the streets. 

Michael Kors created the most gorgeous sequin runway to show off his collectionMichael Kors created the most gorgeous sequin runway to show off his collectionTom Ford Embraces Animal Print, Sequins and MetallicsTom Ford Embraces Sequins and Metallics.

Our favorite celebrity fashionistas and top style influencers were keen to take on the trend. The shimmering materials usually reserved for the red carpet — or the infamous after parties — are making their way onto our high streets in daytime hours, and we have to say we love it. Really, it has suprised us that it took so long for this trend to kick off, I mean what girls doesnt like dressing up with a little glitz and glam — and now you do not need the excuse of a party. 

Fashion bloggers have taken note of the designers and celebs and crafted new outfits that bring a casual makeover to their sequins and metallics. Amazingly, they do not look like they are taking the walk of shame 'the morning after the night before' and actually have this new trend down. And what will help those of us also wanting to jump on the dazzling band wagon even more… the high streets brands are creating awesome everyday clothing. Yippee!!

So how are you able to make sparkling outfits work without looking like you are haven't been home from the party last night? It's all about mixing in laid-back basics that really are everyday clothing. Keep that side of your outfit super simple. Opt for crisp white shirts, skinny plain jeans, and cute pumps. These are key to pulling off the daytime sassy sequin style. 

Below are the street oufits that we think are the best of the new trend ensembles and how you can steal th look and copy it. AND if you purchase anything in the store — post a selfie wearing your Zefinka purchases to any of our social media accounts with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits and you could win your cash back.

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