Trendy Bracelets For Girly Lookbook

What exactly is a woman's bracelet? Well, usually people just look at it from a very narrow prospective. It is not just a band that hangs around our wrist. Instead, it is very much more than just a band. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry that gives a complete touch to a woman`s hand. Bracelets has always been the first picked accessory. There are so many styles and designs available in  bracelets. Some are very simple while others are very fancy. Similarly, some are just for casual day to day wear that women can wear in their everyday life while others are only restricted to formal events.


There are a lot of elements that come together to form a bracelet. In the recent fashion world, you can find not only metal based bracelets, but also bracelets made up of beads. In olden days, women only preferred to wear pure gold bracelets, but now this is not the case. Gold bracelets are being replaced by other types of metal based bracelets and beads. Silver jewelry has been through there struggling period and now they have gained immense fame and popularity. Silver  bracelets are very much in fashion these days. Even designers are working on silver bracelets and producing amazing designs every now and then. In every store, in every market you will find a huge variety of women bracelets that are showcased in order to get everyone's attention.

Let's dig out more information about the types and styles of women bracelets that are in fashion these days.


Simple bangle bracelets: these bracelets were the ones that have been in fashion ages ago and are still flourishing in the world of fashion. They are the most handy bracelets and they are made up of different materials and fabrics. These can be worn alone or they can be worn as a cluster.


Cuff bracelets: cuff bracelets are more like a simple bangle bracelet, however, they are of a ring shape, but they cover three-fourth of the rays leaving one-third of the wrist uncovered. These are not as flexible as the bangle bracelets. They sit firmly on the wrist.

Beaded bracelets: these bracelets are very much affordable and can be worn by almost every lady irrespective of their age. They are made up of beads that includes stones, plastic beads or wooden beads that are embedded in the threads. Beaded bracelets are very simple and easy to make and they can easily be made at home. Apart from inexpensive beads, these bracelets can also be made up of expensive material like gemstones that are beaded in threads.


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