Upcoming Trends : Guide to Fall 2017

Some things in life are absolutely certain, like the sun always has to rise and dawn, like the winters have to come after the summers, like the time never stops, similarly there is one more factor that has been constant since forever, changing trends. Just when you think that you are up to date with the latest trend, they go about and change again. Some trends stay in for a longer period of time than the others, it all depends upon their nature and that if something better is being offered or not.


Then there are also trends which are absolutely ridiculous and you can’t help but think why so ever are they trending? Another very important fact is that women trends change at a much faster rate than men’s. I mean men’s hoodie trend started back in the 90s but it is still going strong in them even today. So that itself is enough to suggest how slowly the trend in men change compared to women.


Being a woman you must always stay on your toes looming always to do and try something new with yourself. The first trend that I will discuss is basically for working women who get tired of wearing their office attire the whole week and need a break come weekend. All tired from a hectic week, you need to pick something out for your night out, how about for a change wear something very casual yet classy? A buttoned down dress shirt with your favourite jeans and loafers underneath would do the trick. Not something out of the ordinary yet very different from the usual.


The second trend that is spreading rapidly is introduced by Gucci. They being one of the leaders in trend setting have come up with quite possibly the strangest trend ever. Introducing sci-fi clothing schemes for their new collection. It is catching up with the people very quickly. Seeing this catching on we can clearly understand that it does not matter how weird it looks in the beginning because the weird part is actually the ‘trend breaker.’


Moving on towards something different than clothing, a woman’s is as beautiful as the accessories she has on her. These also have been in changing trends over a period of time but this time round their is something very new and unique that has come up. The seashell necklace is something that has been introduced by Prada. It can be used in a variety of ways by you depending upon the weather and your clothing choice.


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