Vacation Outfits that Make the Best Instagram Pics

So you’ve finally got time off and are going on the vacation of the year! You want to look your very best, but what do you pack to ensure your photos look insta-worthy? We reveal all the very best vacation outfits to wear that will make your photos look insta-fabulous!


Start by picking out your most favorite outfit ever. If you don’t have a favorite, browse the pics below and choose a Zefinka outfit. Your OOTD shot needs to make you feel fabulous as well as look fantastically stylish.


The real trick is to take LOTS of photos. Yes, much to the annoyance of others around you, the more photos you take, the more likely you will get that one ‘gorgeous’ candid photo that makes you look a million dollars and will get you plenty of likes. The ‘burst’ option on your camera will make this a lot easier for you.

Experiment with photos. Basically — the more uncomfortable the pose feels, the better it will look. Try different camera angles (hint: never from below — nobody likes double chins!) and different poses. Try out different props too. Sometimes having something in your hands helps; rather than wondering what on earth do I do with my hands when I’m posing…

And like all things — ‘practices makes perfect’. The Instagram models and celebrities have all got unflattering photos somewhere — much to the tabloids delight. They have just had more time posing than all the rest of us. So get out there and get snapping girl! Just remember it’s not all about the photos and your Insta feed. Make sure to enjoy some quality time with the people you’re with.

Send us your #zefinkaoutfit OOTD photos and we will feature you on our Insta feed to get you some more likes ;)



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