15 Genius Looks for Wearing Leggings Outside the Gym

If you think women’s workout leggings are made for the sole purpose of working out at the gym, think again. Women have now taken their sporty leggings to the streets, parading them as a comfortable yet sexy fashion item. Since women’s workout leggings come in so many styles, designs, patterns, and looks, it’s easy to see how they have become a fashion item. You can pair your workout leggings with a variety of items to achieve the perfect sport chic look! Here are a few looks to try whilst wearing your workout leggings:


Plain Black Leggings

If you own a pair of plain black leggings, you’re in luck. There are countless ways to dress yourself up wearing these cozy leggings! Since these leggings are plain and black, you need to pair them with something colorful and bright, such as a brightly colored sweater or colorfully patterned top.


Gray Leggings with Sneakers and Button-down Shirts

One of the chicest looks going around the streets these days is the gorgeously messy yet sporty look where you sport your leggings with an oversized shirt and sport shoes. We recommend this look with gray leggings, white sneakers, and a white or navy blue oversized button-down shirt.


Leggings with Fitted Dress

For a more feminine look, your workout leggings can also prove to be the best thing to wear under a fitted dress! The whole outfit accentuates your figure and gives you a dressed up look without compromising on comfort.


Leggings with Casual, Printed Text Tees

Don’t feel like wearing your casual tee with jeans? Don’t worry. You can easily pair your printed text casual tee with your workout leggings to achieve a casual-sporty look. This look can be perfected by wearing cute pumps.


Workout Leggings with Crop Tops

Want to show off your body a little more? Wear your workout leggings with your favorite crop top – it’s just like wearing a sports tank top for the gym but instead the look is ideal for the streets!


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