Want to Know How to Get the London Look?

Beauty giant Rimmel may have coined the phrase “Get the London Look” but with regards to the Fashion World, the London Looks are iconic and hugely popular. Below we share style tips to get your London Look nailed all year round.

It has to be said that London has an eclectic mix of clothing styles, evolving from it's wide and welcomed ethnic communities. However, there are some that are firmly established and identifiable as coming from the streets of London.

Punk Rock
Probably the most iconic style deriving from the gritty streets of London is the Punk-Rock look. This style of dressing first became popular in the late 1970's alongside the music legends that inspired it. Blondie, The Sex Pistols and The Slits all helped to solidify this style of tight fitting clothes — borrowed from the fetish scene — leathers, and hero-ing undercuts and facial piercing. The Punk Rock look is all about anarchy and rebelling against conformity. The more outrageous the better. 

Although the Grunge style scene grew out of the Punk Rock style, it has a very different vibe. Punk Rock is anti-establishment, it is anti-fashion — ironically as it has become a fashion style in it's own right — it is a statement. However, Grunge is all about not making a statement. Grunge is about not caring what you wear, what your hair looks like or bothering with make-up. Oversized sweaters, ripped jeans and holey t-shirts are all distinctive characteristics of this style of dressing from the drug fuelled grunge scene. 

Quintessenial English 
What were punk and grunge rebelling against? Quintessenial English. Cue the luxury tailoring of Gomley and Gamble or Kathryn Sargent on London's iconic Savile Row. Timeless style and great craftmanship create bespoke suits for women. Men's tailoring shops no longer monopolise this street as we have seen the huge rise in Menswear fashion redesigned and style up (obvs) for women. Think Tweeds, waistcoats, ties and brogues. 

Vintage style in London is the rawest form of Vintage you can come across. There are no modern day designers recreating the look, oh no… this is all about wearing was has already been worn over the years in all it's retro glory. The capital city is a treasure trove full of boutiques and thirft shops, or for authentic London vintage clothing you must visit the stalls at Portobello Road, Camden Market and Brick Lane. Vintage style is very forgiving and will allow you to mix era and fashion into one personally unique outfit.  

The above are London's biggest style offerings to the fashion world, but London's give us so much more than these. London's epitome is individuality. London promotes artistic free-range when it comes to your clothing. It allows all of its 8.2 millions citizens to express themselves through clothes without prejudice and encourages Londoners to be creative and funky. London has give us fashion freedom to be who we want to be every day. 

Have a scroll through some our favorite outfits below and how you can copy them. We hope they bring you some style inspiration. 

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