Wardrobe Essentials: Trendy Outfit Ideas For A 21 Year Old

So you just turned 21? That’s great news! Now you’ve finally crossed the line and stepped into adulthood officially. You can go out and look for job too but not before you fill in your wardrobe with these much needed fashionable dresses ideal for the trendy 21 years old of the 21st century…


The Little Black Dress

Yes, this is exactly a must needed staple for your wardrobe. When nothing else works, your little black dress would do the job. This goes for all occasions, formal or casual. A night out with friends at the club, the black dress is going to look chic and fashionable. A social at the office, you’re going to rock in that little black dress.


Floral Prints

You’ve grown up and become a lady now and a lady’s wardrobe ought to have some amazing floral prints. The fabric can be of your choice, chiffon, georgette or silk… the choice is yours but as a grown up but still the young at heart trendy girl, you definitely need some flower power to be on your side.


Sophisticate Embellishment

Your wardrobe is never complete if you don’t have an elegant embellished dress. What about a special date or an event when you have to dress up? You certainly need dainty embellished dresses in your wardrobe that would complete the look even with minimal accessories.


The Lacey Legends

What would you do if you don’t have a lacey dress to flaunt? Lace dresses are perfect for night outs and even for those special date nights. So go ahead and splurge on some beautiful lace dresses. You could always opt for black, red and also white if you’re looking for something feminine.


Chevron Prints

When you need something you can throw on and just go outside in your sneakers, chevron prints are a must have. They look absolutely perfect when you’re heading out with friends for drinks or parties. And they work best with your sneakers too. A complete win win situation if you don’t feel dressy at all.


Of course denims, leather jackets and skirts are a must have too but your wardrobe really won’t be complete if you don’t stock up on the fashionable dress ideas above.


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