Warm Winter Styles You’ve Got to Try

The cold weather is back in town, Christmas is coming and quite possibly the snow — for some! For those of you in sunnier climates, we are jealous! But if like us, you are feeling the chill, check out our warm winter styles to try out right now.

Cosy, Cotton Loungewear 
Although we all like to look great when we step outside, you shouldn't forget that having cosy and snug loungewear for the home is also important. Soft and warm materials are perfect for relaxing in. Coming in from the cold and getting your «comfys» on is what winter is all about. So when you are not out at the Christmas parties getting your boogie on, get into your winter warmers. 

Match your Hat and Coat
An easy and sophisticated warm winter style is to match your hat with your coat. Whether you have opted for the classic beanie hat, the cute pom pom hat or a classy fedora, color match it with your coat. It's a simple trick that elevates your outer layer and creates an awesome, sophisticated look. 

Try the Menswear Style 
Many of our favorite fashion icons have been wearing the ’menswear style’. Plenty of ties, flat caps, waistcoats and trouser suits with the typical male cut, look great on women. Country tweeds, braces, large collared shirts and tailored sweaters not only look good, but will keep you warm in winter. This new popular trend is stylish, offers lots of layering options and is easy to put together. 

Embrace the Oversized Trend
Oversized sweaters and blazers have become very trendy in recent months. The boyfriend cardigan is no longer. We don't care for the sightly larger boyfriend style anymore and have instead moved into full blown oversized clothing. They are super comfy, easy to wear and suprisingly look great!! 

Animal Print will Keep you Warm
Taking a page out of nature's book (well sort it), we LOVE all things animal print, as long as no animals were harmed in the creating. Faux furs, leopard spots and zebra stripes are fabulously fashionable. Designers have heard our roars, and everything from boots to dresses to kimonos comes in animal print so you will be spoilt for choice. 

Leg Warmers and Tights
We saved our favorite tip for last; knitted leg warmers and tights. Mix up the colors, think burgundy tights and cream knitwear — gorgeous right? What about sparkling silver tights and navy knitwear, or classic black tights and gray knitwear. So many options to make so many different looks. 

Check out our favorite Warm Winter Styles You’ve Got to Try Right Now below AND if you purchase anything in store — post a selfie wearing your Zefinka gear to any of our social media accounts with the #ZefinkaOutfits and you could win your cash back
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