Wedding Outfits for Girls Who Don't Wear Dresses

Deciding what to wear to a wedding can be challenging. When you add in that you just «ain't a dresses kinda girl» then it can damn right impossible! We are here to tell you that looking fabulous at a Wedding in everything but a dress, doesn't need to cause you a headache. If you're one of many who doesn't want to rock a frock but still wants to look dressed up for the occasion, read on. You won't be disappointed. 

With so many of our favorite fashion bloggers bigging up jumpsuits, high waisted harems and crop tops and stunning short suit ensembles, the path has been laid to feel less obligated to wear a dress. Instead, us girls can dress up rompers or palazzo pants and feel more comfortable and confident as we attend our friends and families big days. 

The dress alternatives are not only flawlessly chic when paired with just the right shoes, they're also far safer than a fly away skirt when you're waiting outside on a windy day to throw confetti on the happy couple. And when the all-day-drinking kicks in you can rest assured that there will be no unintended flashing as you swirl around the dance floor. 

Fashion is all about being yourself and feeling comfortable putting your unique style on display. Dresses may feel like the «appropriate» garment for a wedding but take a look below, even some brides aren't into dresses! On her wedding day Solange Knowles definitely took her place as the center of attention and the real Queen of Style in her family, donning a capped jumpsuit. And Emily Ratajkowski wore a mustard yellow suit and black veiled hat for her special occasion saying "I never loved the idea of wearing white for a wedding because I'm not a pure woman"

Solange Knowles Wedding Outfit Emily Ratajkowski Wedding Outfit

Take a look at our favorite non-dress wedding guest outfits and how you can copy them. AND if you purchase anything in store — post a selfie wearing your Zefinka gear to any of our social media accounts with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits and you could win your cash back.

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