What do you wear to Beach Party?

The beach is all about having fun in the sun, sea and sand and who cares what you look like, right?! In fact the messy look rocks on the beach. Tassled and tangled hair, old tshirts with tieknots, make-up free and carefree clothes. But what do you wear to a beach party? You want and effortlessly simple look that says both cool and casual but looks stylish and sexy. Confused?! Need a little help… well, don't worry — we are here to ease your pain with some awesome style tips for dressing up your beach wear and looking party chic. 

OK, so an absolute winner and a pretty effortless option has to be the Kimono. Kimono's seem to unexplainaby add a little sophisticated style to anything you choose to wear. Even denim cut offs and a crop top are turned into an amazing party outfit with a chic kimono. If you want to add another style level, consider wrapping a belt around it. Be careful here though, one of the sexy appeals to wearing kimono is its open front and ability to bellow in the breeze. Belts look best with a kimono when worn over just a swimsuit, or if you decide to opt for pants that go below the knee. 

A classic winner for any Beach party has to be the Cute Summer Dress. Mid-thigh are generally best as you do not want to be collecting sand as you walk or dance, but be mindful of your modesty when it comes to sitting down. This is why we think mid-thigh lenght rather than mini's… you have a little hem line to play with. Light-weight materials that keep you cool are perfect for the heat. And we recommend anything with light layers or ruffles, they will subtle ripple in the breeze of the sea creating a romantic and elegant component to your outfit. 

If you love your pins, than there is nothing better that a Wrap Skirt. These types of skirts can be seductively revealing as the wind occasionally flashes a little thigh high action. The way the wrap skirt contour around your body creates a womanly silhouette and they can be paired with pretty much any top yout like. From bikini tops to sleeveless tank or off shoulder sweaters — they all look good with a wrap skirt. Please ensure your test you wrap skirt first ladies, you don't want to accidentally flash more than you intended. A carefully placed safety pin could be necessary to keep it PG. 

Finally, our last style tip for what to wear to a beach party has to be a the Playsuit. They are called playsuits for not reason ladies. They are fun, look fabulous and extremely playful (aka cheeky, hot, sexy). Playsuits are ideal for the beach party, they look smart and stylish enough to class as party wear and they are parctical from the beach. There is no fear of a accidental flash. They come in different type of fitting from body conture to loose and flowing, Your legs are free to frolic in the sea. The only down side is the somewhat complicated undressing to use the toilet but with a little practise this can become a skillful and quick process winking-face winking-face

No matter what your personal style, you will find something that suits your tastes within these four items of clothing to hit the beach party scene in style this season. Take a look at some of the outfits we have picked out below for a little outfit inspiration, and a few links to the products that will help you copy them. 

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