What should I wear on a First Date?

Knowing that you look good, will have you feeling confident about your clothes, even if you have butterflies in your tummy about the certain special someone you are about to meet. Are you a little stuck when it comes to what to pick from your wardrobe? Are you hugely undecisive when it comes to selecting your first date outfit? Help is here! Our team, at Zefinka, have pulled together the best first date outfits from the style influencers, fashionista's and girls about town to give you solid style advice on what you should wear on a first date! Heart EmojiHeart EmojiHeart Emoji

So before some style advice, we want to start with a little helpful women-to-women advice. Stop thinking about all the things that could go wrong or be an issue: “What if they are super strange? What if they are boring and there are awkward silences? What if they are amazing, how do I keep my cool?” You cannot control any of these things so don't worry about them. Don't work yourself up before you have even left the house. Try to relax, stay calm and enjoy the time you are about to spend getting to know someone new. 

We know you might be stressing over your first date outfit, and we get it. You want to make a good first impression and the first thing your date will see is what you are wearing. It is totally reasonable to be freaking out. However, we are here to help you find an outfit you can shine in. 

Dressing in clothes and shoes that are comfortable will allow you to feel more relaxed and be yourself without any niggling thoughts of pinching fabrics of how much of a wobble you have in your heels. You probably hear so many rules about what to wear on a first date but in our opinion they only apply to you if they help to make you feel like the best version of yourself. When you feel confident, you will ooze confidence. 

Avoid wearing things that you WANT to look good on you, but might not necessaryily suit you. Maybe you have seen them on your favorite celebrity and want to rock that same look. The problem is you could have a different body shape, different hair styles and totally different genre of dressing. Stick with what works for you. Really highlight your personal style and stay true to yourself. Your date will want to see the real you and not someone you THINK you should be. 

Jeans are always a winner as far as we are concerned. They are your trusted go-to's and you know which ones will highlight your best features. They are also truly versatile. Jeans can be worn with a dressy top and heels for chic street look or you could pair them with a white lace tank and converse for a chilled vibe. Black jeans, in fact all black outfits, are flattering and classic. And white jeans have a very crisp, pure feel to them — easily paired with girly colors and styles. 

During the hotter months a pretty summer dress or maxi would be ideal. Keeping to light and loose materials will maintain a carefree attitude. We suggest brilliant, bright pops of colors to bask in the sunshine. If you are more into dark colors all year round, it is not a problem. There are many summer dress options for you too. And Maxi Dresses, wow — soooooo many options. Grab a girlfriend and have yourself a little fashion show to see which suit you best. 

Accessories can be an easy and fun way to style your casual day outfit and add some of your personal flare. Simple denim shorts and white tshirts are transformed with bangles, earrings, necklaces and rings. Boho jewelry is usually super colorful and unique. Pearls in any form are classy, and there is always the classic white golds, golds and rose golds that never fail to polish off a look. 

Have a scroll through some our favorite first date outfits below and how you can copy them. We hope they bring you some style inspiration and you have a lot of fun on your next date — if could be your last first date EVER Heart EmojiHeart EmojiHeart Emoji

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