What to Wear for Work In Winter

Winter doesn’t have to be about ugly sweaters and loads of clothing layers. If you’re a fashion diva and know how to mix and match the right items, you can create the perfect outfit while keeping yourself warm and stylish at the same time. Don’t compromise on your fashion statement just because its cold outside. Here are a few inspirational ideas you could use on days when its freezing out there…


-          Business Suits With Some Funk

Business suits don’t have to be boring and neither does formal clothing. On days when you’re required to go all formal, try on black woolen pants and pair them up with a white shirt in cotton. The shirt can be layered with a silk jacket in matching color to your pants or a contrasting color if you are thinking about experimenting. Complete the look with your sexy pumps and a beautiful ring on any of your fingers, keeping accessories minimum.


-          Keep It Hot With Wool

When you’re looking for a warmer option in clothing, opt for midi skirts in wool. Pair up the skirt with a cotton shirt and a woolen jacket on the top. if you like, you could use a woolen hat too. Stilettoes would look absolutely wonderful with the outfit. And yes, if you’re still feeling cold, you could opt for sheer leggings underneath the skirt too. They’ll add up some sexy appeal to your outfit.


-          Leather All The Way

Leather isn’t always about the rocker-chic look. In fact when paired right, you can look rather professional in leather too. go for matte leather pants or leggings with a dress and layer the shirt/top with a leather jacket. If you’d like a serious look, use all black and for accessories, use a contrasting colored handheld clutch. Of course leather boots will be needed to complete the look if you’re opting for pants. If its leather skirt for the day, go for pencil heeled open sandals. Leather skirts look great with silk tops if you like experimenting.


-          Cashmere Sweaters

No, they won’t make you look old and haggard. Pair the cashmere sweaters correctly with slacks and high heels and you’re all set to make a great impression. If you’re opting for cashmere, make sure you keep your hair loose and flowing.


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