What To Wear in 2017!

What to wear today? This is the question that comes in a woman’s mind every day. Whether you are looking for a dress to wear at workplace or for a party, make sure that it suits your personality and skin tone. Also, your dress must be stylish enough to make you look ravishing. There is a lot of stuff which makes it hard for a person to choose from them. You only need few tips to remember in order to look your best.

2017 is all about the amalgamation of the 80s and modern world’s trends. Frankly speaking, it looks like a great year for fashion! Ladies are totally going to love it! As predicted a lot of stuff is coming back but with a touch of contemporary thoughts. So, in order to know what can you experiment with this year, keep reading.

So are you bored of wearing suits at workplace and ready to try something different? Well, you don’t have to keep wearing suits because it is an old school thing. Many organizations allow their employees to wear different dresses. However, it is difficult to choose what to wear. One day you can go to your workplace wearing jeans/pants along with black coat and linen shirt. Stripes are always in fashion which makes you look classy. You can also try jeans and tops at your workplace. Make sure that you choose the kind of tops which make you look elegant not funky.

Throwing a party at your house and don’t know what to wear? Not a problem! You can go with something classy looking like a grey long maxi with lateral cuts open. It would not only look classy but sexy too. Try something basic for these kinds of parties. 2017 is all about looking classy.

If you are going for a picnic then trying a skirt or knee length happy colored dress will be perfect. You can try a baggy flowy top with floral prints and clinch a belt to your waist.

Skirts are always welcomed by people no matter what. You can try a velvet black blouse along with red skirt which gives you bold look for a glamorous party or date.
No matter what you choose, just choose it wisely which makes you look not only class but sexy as well. Choose something which adds up in your beauty instead of wearing something which makes you look dull.


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