What To wear To A Cocktail Party

The concept of cocktail parties is not new at all but the dressing code has changed over the years. From the times where girls had to stress out about the rules of the house they were attending the party in to the modern time where you wear whatever you feel like, cocktail parties have always been a fun gathering overall. But choosing an outfit might still be a little problem for a party where you want to look fine for the evening a pick up a dress that doesn’t ruin your night. Here is a small guide to help you dress up for a cocktail party you are planning to attend next weekend!


The occasion: Before you choose an outfit for yourself you need to know that the party is with your girls or with the people you work because with your colleagues the party is a topic of formalities and you need to pull off a buttoned up shirt for the evening!


Shimmery dresses: A cocktail party is where you want to dress up in a dress you are too shy to wear! Shimmers, glitters and bold prints are just appropriate for a cocktail party.


Skirts: A cocktail party is not always about maxi dresses. Skirts are a perfect wear too but make sure the skirt is not too short and shows less of your legs. If you keep your dressing classic and elegant, you will look the best of the bests!


Suit up: Are you a girl who thinks suiting up for a cocktail party sounds funny? Well, not at all girl! If you are brave enough to try wearing a suit to the party, you’ll thank me later…


All about shoes: It doesn’t matters whether your outfit is a neutral coloured or a bright coloured, you need to wear the perfect shoes to the party. Bring out the best pair of shoes from your closet and team it up with your outfit because you don’t know your shoes are being noticed more than your presence!


A clutch: This is just a reminder about the most basic accessory that you would never forget. A clutch should match or mix-and-match with your outfit. A shiny one or the one with chunky stones on it might be the one that completely slays with your look.


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