What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Selecting a wedding guest outfit for a Spring wedding, or the run up to Spring is a super hard decision. Trying to maintain a balance of sassy partywear, without freezing your butt off before the bride gets down the aisle, is tough. Do you have a Wedding coming up in the next few months and still not sure what to wear? Our team have put together some great ideas on what to wear without catching a cold before the day of celebrations is over. 

Brightly Colored Pants Suit
Pant Suits are smart, sophisticated and perfect for a Spring Wedding. Designers have created an array of options for us to choose from. With Plunging necklines to wide legged pleats, you will find a suit that suits(!) you. As white is off the list, we suggest opting for either vibrant bright colors, or pastel shades. Whatever your style there is something out there for you, and you can be safe in the knowledge that you won't be getting too cold. 

Shin/Ankle Length Dresses
Sheath dresses that continue down to your shins, or ankle length empire dresses not only look stunning, they keep your legs protected from the elements. Dresses like these often have a feature layer — maybe a lace overlay or sheer overlay. Grab a shawl to drap over your shoulders for added sophistication, and warmth. 

Just Add a Blazer
Blazers never fail to look polished, so wearing one to style up your dress or blouse is a great option for a Spring Wedding guest outfit. They can be sequinned, brightly colored, cropped or sparkling, adding a little more style as well as an extra layer up top. And of course, a blazer just slips off when you are ready to hit the dance floor. 

Shorts Suits
Earlier, we mentioned Pants Suits are a good option but let's not forget the cute and pretty shorts suit — especially for warmer weather conditions — or shorts, with a shirt and blazer. Some of us ladies love to get our legs out, and why not. Tailored shorts are stylish and sexy. Opting shirt and fitted blazer is a super preppy smart look. 

Maxi Dress and Cropped Cardigan
Maxi dresses scream Spring and Summer with their floral prints and ruffle features, so get them out and dust them off. A cropped knitwear or wool cardigan can keep your arms and shoulder warm without losing the party style look. Options that tie up under the bust or wrap around above the waist create a lovely silhouette. And when you remove the cardigan and reveal the top line of your maxi you have ultimately changed your outfit — very glamourous! 

Other good tips and tricks for a Spring time wedding guest out are to wear your hair down and use it to protect aginst the windy elements; try tights or even leggings under floor length options; satin gloves add flare as well as an extra layer of protection and shawls can be used as neck scarfs, shoulders draps and wrapped around the body. 

Check out some of our favorite Spring Wedding Guest outfits below, we hope they inspire you. AND, if you purchase anything in store — post a selfie wearing your new Zefinka gear to our social media accounts with the #ZefinkaOutfits so you could be in with a chance to win your cash back, or spend the same amount in store again!!
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