What to Wear to get Longer Looking Legs

Long legs — you've either got them or want them. Here's how to dress your body and trick the eye into thinking you've got luscious long pins. 

When shopping for clothes, ensure that you find the best fit. This doesn't mean skin-tight bodycon, figure-hugging dresses. It means showing off your best asset and wearing flowing material against the others. 

Try wearing dark colors on your legs. Black has a slimming effect that will make your legs look much longer than they actually are. Pair black skinny jeans or tights with a nice pretty blouse for a great outfit. 

Wear an outfit that is entirely monochromatic. Wearing all one color for an outfit will make it harder for the eye to tell where your legs start and end. There's a reason quite a few stylists and fashionistas wear all black. Now you know. 

Heels, heels, heels. Adding height to your legs will make you seem taller and also make your calves look great. And heels make any girl feel extra sexy. When you feel a million bucks, you look a million bucks! 

Wearing bodysuits is a great way to elongate your body. If you don't own a bodysuit, you can simply tuck your shirt in. It creates a smoother silhouette and adds your waist into the mix, making your legs look extra long. 

Wearing short shorts and skirts will also help show off more leg. The more you've got, the longer your legs will look. Plus, denim cutoffs go with absolutely any outfit out there. Wear your shorts or skirts with a bodysuit or plain white tee for a great outfit. 

Avoid wearing low rise skirts, jeans, and pants. Hipster jeans and skirts will drag your appearance down. It will make it seem as though you have a longer torso but shorter legs. This is not what you want. 

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