What To Wear Wedges With? Top Summer Outfit Ideas

Wedges are one of the most stylish and comfortable form of heels one can wear. These shoes are comfortable even when they come in high heels so feel free to wear them whenever you are in doubt.


Wedges look great with summer dresses. They complement your legs when worn with short dresses. Another reason why people like wedges is that they make the feet look thinner and in better shape.

If you want to go for a bold look and you want maximum attention towards your shoes go for wedges without any doubt. Wedges are shaped and styled in different ways. The best part is they come in a range of colors and you can also find printed wedges in the market.


You can wear wedges with long maxis because they look great with flowy dresses. They also look great with jeans which are slightly pulled up from the ankles. The pants that we call kapris also complement wedges a lot. Wedges can be worn with long and short frocks. To pull off a nice summery look you can opt for a nice short skirt and a bright colored pair of wedges. If you plan on wearing a shoe styled wedge then make sure you wear a plain pair of socks with them. They look elegant with socks.


Wedges look great when paired with a casual outfit. If you plan on wear a pair of shorts with a tank top and a buttoned half open shirt a pair of wedges will look perfect with them. You can also wear wedges with trousers. They also look very nice with widely flared pants and A-line skirts. Pairing wedges with A-line skirts give a very professional look.


Wedges look very cute and funky when worn with peplum tops and bell bottoms. The outfit and shoes immediately give you a very nice and funky outlook. Wedges shoes serve as a great alternative to stilettos because they are way more comfortable then stilettos and at the same time serve the same purpose.


Wedges help solve the short height problem. Those who have short heights and want to look taller can opt for wedges. Normal heels are flat from the front area of the shoe. This means you only look taller by the back heel but wedges are an inch higher from the front too making you look taller.


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