Which Jumpsuits Best Suit Short Girls?

We are here to tell you that jumpsuits aren't just for the tall and leggy! Yes, OK so they look great on women with pins that reach up to heaven, BUT short girls — there are options for you too and you will look just as fabulous! 

The jumpsuit has become increasingly popular over the past few years. They seem to be stylishly acceptable for every social event across all seasons. However, are you petite and worried that a jumpsuit is just not for you? Do you have concerns that they will make your look dumpy or even shorter? Well, we will be honest — this could happen. But ONLY IF you don't have the insider knowledge on which jumpsuits best suit short girls. Cue....insider knowledge... winking face emoji

Vertical Stripes
When it comes to elongating the body vertical stripes are a win-win. The lines give the illusion of length and they also have the added benefit of thinning the body too. With summer in full swing bright and bold colors are on trend and look fabulous. Think about a halter neckline as this continues to lengthening your frame all the way to the top of your neck. 

Plunging Necklines
Plunging necklines, wrap necklines and button ups are all great option for petite women. If vertical stripes elongate the body from the waist down, these types of necklines lengthen the body from the waist up. You see there is a theme happening here. Exposing the neck and more flesh heading towards the belly make petite body look taller. 

Waistline Position
Depending on your particular frame, select the waistline that best flatters your figure. If you are blessed with a beautiful big bottom opt for a high waist to show off your bootilicious behind. If you have a more boyish frame then consider a mid-waist belt that draws in on your small frame. Big boobs should have a loose chiffon top to stop you looking bulky and Small boobs should have a decorative waist for a little added feature. 

Hhhmmmm Hems
Now when it comes to the hem length, our best advice is to go and try on as many varying lengths are you can. Our body shapes are all different. Thighs, calfs, torsos and overall frame means that even we cannot give you guaranteed option that will look good on all short women. This one you need to put the hard graft in and get into those changing room. Pick up some flats and heels as well so you can see what the finished look would be — footwear can make a big difference. 

We hope this style advice has brought you some jumpsuit inspiration. Check out our jumpsuit collection to copy some of the looks we have listed below from our favorite short celebs, influencer and fashionistas. 

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