Chic Fashion Trends or 15+ Ways To Wear White

The color white may be the perfect wedding dress color but it spans so many more occasions and styles than just bridal! The opposite of black but equally stunning and beautiful, white is a classic fashion color that never seems out of place or time. Whether you want a pretty and feminine look, workplace style professional or want to look street style casual and chic, opting for those white apparel items is a great idea! It’s time to add more whites to your wardrobe.


White Dresses

White dresses are beautiful, ideal for any event, occasion, or season. They give off a feminine and sophisticated look and if you opt for a sexy number, you can totally rock that sultry feminine look. There is an endless variety of white dresses – from white lace dresses to casual knee length day dresses, simple white dresses with minimal embellishments, etc. Pairing these white dresses with the right heels and accessories is also fun because white goes well with everything! 


White Jeans

In street style fashion, white jeans are right at home. From ripped jeans to skinnies, boot pants, trousers, baggy jeans, and jeggings, white jeans are everywhere. They have a chic and attractive style that is unique and vastly different from black or denim jeans. Pairing these jeans with colorful tops and shoes or going monochrome is a common trend in street style. 


White Tees, Tanks and Crop Tops

Like jeans, white tops are never left behind either. From the classic plain tee with text on it to tanks that you can pair with literally anything and crop tops that look so chic, white tops are truly the best. Classic, neutral colored, yet attractive so what’s not to love? Additionally, since white goes with all types of skin tones, it’s a color that’s made for everyone. 


White Sweaters and Jackets

For the fall and winter seasons, you better have some white sweaters and jackets hanging up in your wardrobe! White sweaters or jackets are easy to match with any outfit so if winter is here and you don’t want to ruin your outfit with a mismatched jacket, it’s best to go for a white option. It’s a goes-with-everything kind of color!

White is one of those colors that you know will never go out of style so it’s time to start hoarding up on your favorite apparels in white.


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