Why Faux Leather Belts Should be Your Favorite Accessory

Faux leather belts for women are accessories that are wardrobe essentials and you can wear them all year round in various styles and fashions! Since these imitation belts come in a variety of styles, designs, and colors, you can pair them with your fashion outfits in a myriad of ways. Whether you choose a plain brown faux leather belt or a black belt with studded rhinestones, you will love prepping up your outfits with it. Here are a few popular styles that are worn with imitation belts.


Broad Imitation Belts over Flowy Dresses: Think flowy dresses are too loose, airy and unflattering for your outfit? Your faux leather belt will come in handy in such a situation! Pulling a broad faux leather belt over the waist of your flowy dress gives it an entirely new look that’s also flattering for your figure.


Over High Waisted Jeans: If you’re wearing high waisted jeans with a short top that exposes your mid-riff, this is the perfect outfit to utilize your faux leather belt. Pull the belt over your jeans and complete the outfit perfectly.


Faux Belts with Overalls: Overalls look bare without any accessory on top but if you want to keep the look casual but still pull on an accessory, try pairing your overalls with a faux leather belt! For keeping the look a little dressed up, add some plain golden or silver jewelry too.


Faux Leather Belt with Skirt and Tucked-In Loose Shirt: One of our favorite, messy looks is the oversized button-down shirt tucked into a cute little skirt. However, this look only comes together when you add on a faux leather belt over the skirt!


The Classic Look: Of course, this list would be incomplete without the classic look. This look includes jeans or pants with a formal shirt tucked in and a plain brown or black faux leather belt completing the look. You can pair this look with plain brown or black shoes and you’re set!


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