Why Oversized Clothing is the Next Big Trend

Are you wondering how and why the oversized clothing look became so popular? Want to know how you can join the trend without looking like you're wearing your big brother's cast offs? As fashion and style bloggers, we like to try out the newest trends and see what all the hype is about. And to be honest, we have absolutely fallen in love with this one. 

What's not to love? This trend combines comfort and street style. In the wake of #metoo & #timesup, women felt the need to move away from skin tight, revealing clothes and cover up their womanly shapes. But the oversized clothing look has gone way past that now, and has become a modern day fashion trend in it's own right. 

There are typically three concerns when it comes to mastering this look and we are here to help you navigate through all three of them. 

Do I look like a kid playing dress up? 
The key to looking fashionable (rather than 5 years old) is to stick to one oversized item. This is especially true for women that have a smaller frame anyway (unless you are one of the Olsen Twins who can pull off any trend!). When you opt for a single oversized item you reduce that whole “drowned in clothing” look. Think oversized sweater and skinnie jeans or baggy oversized jeans and a cropped blouse. Get the balance right and you will have mastered this trend. 

What about the accessories? 
So, we have seen oversized sunglasses for decades now, but what about all the other accessories that we wear. Jewelry, shoes, bags and hair pieces to name a few. Should the oversized trend continue onto all your accessories? Well the short answer is yes. When done well, an oversized accessory can polish off the overall look. Large stoned jewelry, oversized earrings, and super sized bags are all options to play around with. But we do not advice oversized shoes! They can be clunky and super hard to get right. 

How big is too big? 
Believe us we wish we could give you a definitive answer to this one, but the only way to find out is to get our there and try some looks on. Blazers are a great place to start, especially as this item of clothing is traditionally tailored. Take your gal pals with you and ask them to be honest. Do what we have done below, and trawl the fashion bloggers, influencers and catwalks for outfit inspiration. Step out into the brave style lane but do so with a little caution, you don't want to go to big too soon. 

We hope that the tips above have inspired you to look at the oversized trend with a new found fondness. But in case you are still not convince — check out some of our favorite oversized outfits from the current top style icons below and how you can copy them from items we have in store. 

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