Why Partywear shouldn’t be just for Christmas.

Are you scouring the shops in search of your next sassy party outfit that screams ‘newbie’? Once you have found it and flaunted it this festive season, what will happen to it next? We can tell you — it will be hidden away and saved for the next big event. But when that event comes around, you'll be looking once again for your next sassy party outfit that screams ‘newbie’. We know because we have been there too.

Is there a chunk of your wardrobe that has barely seen the light of day because you are saving it for best? Why waste all those awesome items just because they are labelled party season wear. Take a moment to think about what is in your wardrobe — could it be worn in a completely different style? Or paired with other items and styled down for everyday wear?

Crafting a million different outfits from your party wardrobe is an art worthy learning. Pairing a sequinned skirt with a basic turtleneck looks sassy and elegant, and can totally be worn to meet your Mum for coffee — it's street chic and a fresh new look on you. Take your time to master the high/low look — you won't regret putting in the hours and neither will your bank balance. 

Under layering and over layering are also great ways to extend the life of your party clothes without the worry of social media showing you up as someone who wears the same old, same old. Wear a t-shirt under your silky slip dress or pair it with a Christmas jumper and pumps. It is a trendy style and exactly why we believe that partywear isn't just for Christmas. 

Why Partywear isn't just for Christmas Why Partywear isn't just for Christmas Why Partywear isn't just for Christmas


Still not convinced? Check out some of the outfits below as to why we think partywear is not just for Christmas. And, if you purchase anything in store and post a selfie wearing your Zefinka gear to any of our social media accounts with the #ZefinkaOutfits and you could win your cash back
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