Why Shirt Dresses are Popular Right Now

The iconic shirt dress has been a wardrobe staple for a lot longer than you probably think, first being featured in Vogue in the 1930s. However, the sexy «morning after» look has been through an everchanging evolution and is more popular than ever now.

The look that says I have just grabbed my man's shirt and thrown it on to make the walk of shame to my apartment the morning after (even through I clearly wore clothes out) took the shirt dress to another level. Designers have now bought us awesome extra features, styles and cut that finding a shirt dress that suits you isn't hard — reason No.1

For us, we think there is nothing better than the classic, loose button up and boots. But one of the many reasons (No.2) why the shirt dress is so popular is it's versatility. You can literally wear anything with it. From footwear to outerwear — the options are endless. Something as simple as a different belt can totally change the whole outfit. A thin leopard print belt one day with pumps and I corset style with ankles boots next, two totally different looks created pretty effortlessly. 

The collar down shirt dress is also a go-to for any social ocassion. Slightly more sophisticated that the t-shirt dress, they can be worn to the office, the beach or out for cocktails making reason No.3 for why shirt dresses are so popular right now. And seasons don't even come into it. If you haboured thoughts that the shirt dress is a summer only item, well you are wrong. Just add tights or even jeggings (thats right, we advocate jegging with a shirt dress) to wear in fall or winter months. 

Our top influencers and fashion icons also share our love the for shirt dress. And if they love it than you know it is sure thing for your own wardrobe. Sincerelyjules founder Julie Sarínana, model Karlie Kloss, designer and model Alexa Chung and Kim Kardashian West amongst many, many others all can't have it wrong. They are reason No.4

And reason No.5… well, just take a look below for shirt dress outfit inspiration! Those are Why Shirt Dresses are Popular Right Now!

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