Why the Fringe is In this Spring!

This Spring 2019, the fringe is the in thing! If bangs are not your bag — don't fear there are a few iterations to the full-on fringe that has inspired our fashion icons to opt in to this recycled trend. 

Worn the right way, a fringe can be as powerful as postbox red lipstick or a stunning pearl necklace. A well cut fringe creates an impressive look and leaves a lasting impression. They are memory makers! The problem with going out on a bang (get it) is whether a fringe will suit you or not, beacuse when you cut — you have already committed. There is no turning back, it is just a long wait while they grow out, but that doesn't mean you should steer clear of a fringe, it just means you need to choose the right style. 

How many times have you stood in front of the mirror holding the front of your hair in a weird loop, trying to see what a fringe would look like on you? Trying to decide on whether you should take up this Spring in thing is a big decision and one you should take some time over. We are here to help you make the right choice Kiss EmojiKiss Emoji

Spent time with a stylist and ask them whether they think you have the right style hair and face shape to pull off a fringe. Sometimes the fringe that you want, might not be the fringe that the stylist thinks will suit you best. Take a friend with you to also contribute to the conversation. Between the three of you, you will get a better understanding of what a fringe will look like on you. 

Be prepared to look a little different for a while. If it is your very time first with bangs, you face will look weird to you. This is absolutely normal. Have you ever seen your brother, friend or husband soon after they have shaved off a beard and they look odd? Well, its the same thing. Having bangs changes the shape of your face, your eyes may look like they are in a different position and your complexion could look either darker or brighter. Ride it out, it'll pass. 

Wear your bangs with confidence. However you decide to wear your hair, wear it with confidence, charm and charisima. Confidence oozes style. Who knew that Audrey Tautou could look so utterly adorable with the short-short fringe she is now famous for. Or did you think that Liv Tyler decision to wear full on bangs would look so sophisticated. They both worked and neither have changed back since. More and more celebrities are opting for this Spring's In Thing — the Fringe! 

Take a look at some of our favorite celebrities fringes and see if they persuade you to take up this stylish look.


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