Why You Need to Own Harem Pants: Top-13 Stylish Looks

Harem pants that are sometimes called Dhoti pants, inspired by the Indian/Eastern apparel, are the latest fad that’s partly weird but mostly gorgeous to flaunt. What started as a summer trend soon became a style everyone was itching to wear and harem pants were seen everywhere, from the fashion ramps to the streets. The pants are low-crotch and extremely baggy which give a sophisticated yet kind of messy look – you’d think it wouldn’t work but it actually works amazingly.


One of the main reasons these pants hit it off so well is because they make everyone look good. Not everyone has skinny jeans worthy legs but this is where harem pants win – they can hide a few bulges easily and give you the slim and smart look that you want. These pants also work great if you’re a little too much on the skinny side and want to look more fuller – the pants don’t stick to your legs so you can look just perfect wearing them. In addition to this, harem pants also make your legs seem longer and you feel taller – it’s no wonder so many models have been spotted wearing them!


If you own a pair of harem pants or are thinking of buying some, here are a few ways you can pair them:


Harem Pants with Tank Top, Jacket, and Sneakers: Love looking a little sporty? Pair your harem pants with a tank top, pull on a jacket and your favorite pair of sneakers and you’re set.


Harem Pants with Crop Top: The most exotic look with harem pants is pairing them with a crop top that shows off your midriff.


Harem Pants with Heels and a Flowy Blouse: If you have a flowy blouse and some heels, fit them with harem pants! Tuck the shirt loosely in the pants, put those heels on and look casually stylish!


Harem Pants with A Fitted Top: A fitted top tucked neatly in your high-waist harem pants is the perfect casual yet dressed up look. We recommend you pair your favorite flats with this look and take a cross-body bag to match.


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