Winter Hipster Party Outfits that make Meghan Markle & Chloe Kardashian jealous

Hi there fashionista! This week we answer your most frequently asked fashion questions.

What is Hipster Style?
Being a hipster is about pushing boundaries; it’s about experimentation and clashing prints together for a powerful fashion statement. It’s no secret that it’s a unique but casual fashion style that has lasted through the 80s, 90s, 2000s and beyond.

Regardless of how much it is stereotyped, the 1990s hipster street style is one of the most unique fashion trends on the streets of the modern fashion world. Unique in concept and bold in experimentation, there’s no trend quite like hipster fashion style.

Women are empowered with this distinct fashion and that’s definitely not a surprise, considering how attractive the style can be. Despite being casual, it’s fashion that still manages to turn heads at any party. Whether you're looking for the best casual Summer outfits or the most edgy Winter outfits, the grunge hipster style makes you stand out in all the right ways.

How to master the 1980s women’s grunge fashion look
Here’s how to master the women’s grunge hipster style:

1. Add purposely distressed clothing: ripped, light wash denim jeans work well.
2. Wear a rock band t-shirt. Think Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, and all the other great 1990s rock bands
3. Tie a plaid sweatshirt around your waist, or wear a cool plaid skirt
4. Layer oversized chunky knit sweaters and scarfs
5. For an extra edgy vibe, wear birkenstock shoes or chunky black motorcycle-style boots.

What color plaid should I wear?
Plaid is no longer just about red and black colors. There are exciting new combinations – blue & black plaid paired with pretty lace dresses featuring 80’s rock emblems, leather jackets paired with leg warmers and magic green & white plaid, schoolgirl uniforms touched up with fierce embellished pumps

There’s even more casual plaid fashion options of vintage plaid pants with pop culture tees, flower crowns, spiked bracelets, and belts. Plaid with block heels, and lots and lots of new & different prints & patterns. The end result? Extremely bold and equally impressive hipster style.

We’ll let you in a fashion industry secret: wear your favorite color girl! It’s not all about what’s on trend, it’s about wearing a color and style that makes you feel happy. It’s time to remove limitations from fashion.

True hipsters let their creative imagination run wild when it comes to fashion. This is why women’s hipster street style fashion is making its mark in the fashion industry all over the world.

If there’s one thing we’re quite sure of, it’s this: hipster street style is fashion that will never be outdated or obsolete. This is everlasting fashion – born without limitations and meant to go on forever! Casually chic, stylishly sophisticated, and seriously edgy, it’s hard not to fall in love with all the different forms of hipster street style fashion.


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