How To Wear Leather Jackets This Winter: 14 Best Chic Looks

Though fashion is all about continual change, but there are certain accessories that become a long-lasting part of changing fashion trends in one way or the other, and women’s leather jackets surely find a place among them. They are equally good at offering you warmth and protection against wind and rain as well as turning you into a sexy and exotic damsel.


If you don’t find a place for fleece and puffer coats into your winter wardrobe, then women’s leather jackets fit the bill right for you, which are basically segregated into two types.

Leather Jackets: Fact of the matter is that you’ll get a huge range of variety when it comes to genuine leather jackets full of luxury and style alongside best protection from winter cold, well capable of turning any of you ladies into a sexy diva. Blazers, biker jackets and bombers remain on top of all-time favorites in this regard. Leather outerwear in all these three types is not only incredibly durable and versatile, but each one features its own unique attitude and style. While leather blazer jackets serve better in bringing out more elegant and feminine side of yours, biker jackets and bombers are known to give you the combo sexy and naughty, which many guys find way too irresistible to go unnoticed.


Suede Jackets: Suede jackets turn out to be another one of the most favorite variations of leather jackets, the more classier kind, that modern day women love to have in their winter closet, and for all the right reasons. The softness and suppleness of suede oozes out more of femininity and delicacy than the standard leather in addition to all trademark features it has to boast of. The only downside to suede jackets is that that they need much more care in handling, also failing to do as well as treated leather in rain.


How to Best Complement Women’s Leather Jackets?

Irrespective of the type of women’s leather jacket that catches your attention this winter, one of the best and befitting ways of complementing them is by opting for wool or fur accents. This will not only offer you some extra warmth and comfort, but will also soften up the overall appearance, conjuring up that special look, which everyone takes notice of immediately.      


So, are you ready to dress up all sexy and fierce this winter? Well, it’s about time you update your winter wardrobe they way it deserves. 


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