Worst Red Carpet Dresses 2018

We have picked out Worst dressed from the Red Carpet in 2018. While some might have thought they look super hot, the rest of the world thought not! Check out who made our list, and get ready to cringe! 

Golden Globes
The Golden Globes was a night of solidarity and support but some celebrities missed the marked completely, either going against the girl code or going against all fashion advice. 

Alison Sudol does not shine in this unflattering gypsy gown Barbara Meier completely missed the memo! Doh! Claire Foy wore a Stella McCathy suit and it SHOULD have looked good... Debra Messing's hair may look stunning but her outfit is UGLY

The Grammys
The Grammys have always provided Red Carpet moments that make your eyes pop and 2018 was no different. OK, so admittantly there was no gumball skirt, but they certainly did well in the WTF department! 

Jenny McCarthy rocked up with blue hair a black version of the Jessica Rabbit dress Joy villa opted for a anti-abortion dress! Good idea, NOT Seriously, where has Kellie Clarkson's style gone Katie Holmes not looking good in this black binbag, sorry dress - we think?!?1

As protestors crashed the BAFTAs and police had to intervene to have them removed, we were wishing they had taken some of the celebrity faux pas away with them too! 

Anya-Taylor-Joy opts for a see-through dress and opts to leave her style at home Cressida Bonas looks more like a Christmas decoration that a Red Carpet goer Tatiana Korsakova was wrapped up in a bow for the big night What was Ruth Wilson thinking, wearing this boxey suit

The Oscars
On the biggest night in showbiz, when all eyes will be on who is wearing what on the Red Carpet, you would think that these celebrties would have looked in the mirror before stepping out the door! Sadly not.

Emma Stone's attempt on menswear fashion would have gone much better without that pink bow Haley Bennet did not rock our worlds in her Oscars dress, it hit rock bottom on the style charts Andra Day does it again! in this hideous frock    

Saoirse Ronan wears an unflattering, out of shape pink dress We have no words for Whoppi Goldberg Salma Hayek's dress was a shock to our eyes

Who do you think has been the worst dressed celebrity on the red carpet of 2018? Check out our other blogs and our online store while you are here. And, if you purchase anything in store and post a selfie wearing your Zefinka gear to any of our social media accounts with the #ZefinkaOutfits and you could win your cash back. 
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