Your Guide To Dressing For The Next Hangout With Friends

A lot of fashion trends now exist in this world but you need to know what slays on your body shape. Most importantly one should feel comfortable and confident in whatever they wear. Girls look for a combination of comfort and beauty and that’s the secret to knockoff a hangout!


You might have come across a lot of definitions that tell you what your body shape is. When you get to know yourself, here are some styles you can pull over:

If you have a tiny waist and you’re curvy, you’re an hourglass!


By emphasizing your waist you need to highlight your curves, not hide them.

Kim Kardashian has adopted a pencil skirt and crop top combination because it’s amazingly suitable on curvy girls.

Crop top with belts or belted jackets are made absolutely for you if you are this type!


If your lower body is slim and you carry weight around your middle, you’re an apple!


Your aim is to diminish your midsection by highlighting your legs and shoulders. Many women with apple figures have attractive legs, so get your dress shortened to show them off!


Trying a shift dress is a good option or a high waist circle shirt and a swing coat is always a better option!


If you are not curvy and your bottom is the same size as your waist, you should know you’re a banana!


Your objective is to highlight the squeakiest part of your waist so your bust and hips appear greater and more proportional. Shirts with ruffles around the bust make your top looks larger and makes your waist look smaller and shapelier in contrast.


Jackets that snap in at the bottom are best and ideal for your shape or try a dress that cuts at the sides. A slightly cropped jacket, also a satin bomber jacket is a very good choice.


If you’re wider around your hips, you’re a pear!


Your objective is to stretch and balance your figure by highlighting your top half. Wearing a dress with bare shoulders will take all the attention and a flare in your dress would give you a smooth looking look! Boot cut pants with a structured jacket is a must-to-have thing in your wardrobe.



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