The Dark Side of Fashion: Your Perfect Black Street Look

In the fashion world, black is the queen that steals hearts – it’s a universally loved and celebrated color in fashion that is always in style. Nothing is the new black, because nothing surpasses the elegance, sophistication, and style that black fashion can provide. And the case isn’t any different when it comes to street style – in fact, black is the most popular trend in casually chic street style and we tell you why:

Black is the Color of Every Season

While black is an ideal color for winters or perhaps fall, black remains a color for every season. Yes, even summers! Black is never a color that seems out of place or odd to wear. So if your street style fashion favorite items are black in color, you never have to worry about not being able to wear them for long periods of time.

Black Goes with EVERYTHING

Own a pair of black boots? Have a black leather jacket? Own a cute black tee you love? You can pretty much pair all of these and all other black items in your wardrobe with anything else. Black is a color that highlights and goes well with any other color or even multiple colors. When you choose black, you are choosing to experiment however you please. Go all black, go monochrome, go black with gold…the ideas are endless.

Black is Chic AND Casual

Whether you are inclined towards casual street style or chic slash sophisticated street style fashion, black items fit every category. You can shop for pretty black lace dresses, punk black leather jackets, cute black tees with cats on them, black overalls, black plaid shirts, and anything and everything else because all kinds of fashion come in black!

Black Items are Your Street Style Savior

If you love street style fashion and want to continually adopt it as your everyday fashion, black items are the safest best. From black skinny jeans to black shoes, black shirts, and even black bags and accessories, black fashion items are the ultimate street style savior. If you own black, you OWN street style fashion.

So there you have it, a few major reasons why black is your best friend when it comes to street style. And let’s not forget, black is a color that will never go out of fashion so if you start hoarding up black fashion clothing right now, we wouldn’t blame you.


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