Post a Selfie and Win Your Cash Back!

We value all of our customers, new and returning, so each month we run a chance for you to win your money back - or shop for free!

All you need to do is take a selfie wearing your new Zefinka gear and post to any of our social media sites with the hashtag #ZefinkaOutfit to be eligible. It is really that simple. 

We all love posting a selfie, right? So just do what you love to win your cash back. Here is what you need to know:

  • You have a month to post your selfie.
  • You must use #ZefinkaOutfit within your comments.
  • Post to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. (or all 3 to have triple the chance of winning)
  • A winner will be announced in our monthly Newsletter and on this Competition Winner page.

We look forward to seeing your fabulous shots! 

From the Zefinka Team!


Selfie Promo Photo



The winner of our monthly #ZefinkaOutfit Competition looks fabulous in our casual flare sleeve dress - Store Item Number: 4865

 Zefinka Outfit Winner

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